A designer sits by a desk as she works on a project with the Lenovo ThinkPad 15v next to her.

It’s not every day that you see a laptop with a ton of RAM in it, but if you’re the type of person who needs it, you’re likely pleased to see a good deal on one. In that case, this leftover Prime Day laptop deal on the ThinkPad E14 might be perfect, especially since it’s been discounted from its usual price of $2,189 down to $1,204.

Why you should buy the Lenovo ThinkPad E14

We probably should get the elephant out of the room first, and that means talking about the 40GB of RAM this ThinkPad comes with. Running at 3200MHz and being DDR4, it’s reasonably fast RAM, but what really sets it apart is that you get 40GB, which is usually what you need if you run complex things like CAD or compiling programs. Luckily, the rest of it is pretty good, too, starting with the mid-to-high-end AMD Ryzen 7 5825U processor that’s not only efficient but powerful enough to run most productivity tasks without a hitch. You won’t get much gaming out of it, of course, but the integrated Radeon graphics will be good enough for the basics.

Storage is also impressive for this price point at 1TB, although if you’re running a lot of CAD stuff, you’ll likely need to expand your storage with one of these external hard drive deals as well. We’re also impressed by the screen, which is a 14-inch IPS panel that runs at 60Hz and can manage a peak brightness of 300 nits. That’s enough for most well-lit rooms, and paired with its three-and-a-half-pound weight and one-inch thickness, it’s an easy laptop to carry around wherever you need to go. Luckily, the construction is pretty solid, too, so you shouldn’t worry about it being damaged when you move around with it.

Overall, the ThinkPad E14 is an impressive laptop, especially if you need it for programming or CAD. More importantly, the deal from Lenovo discounting it down to just $1,204 makes it an essential laptop to grab if you have a need for a ton of memory. Otherwise, be sure to check out some other great laptop deals you can take advantage of.

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