LG - UltraGear 32” LED QHD AMD FreeSync and G-SYNC Compatible with HDR 10 (DisplayPort, HDMI) - Black

You shouldn’t skip buying from monitor deals if you’ve just upgraded with gaming PC deals, or else you’ll be wasting your computer’s processing power on an outdated display. You don’t have to spend much on a new screen though, as there are offers like Best Buy’s $100 discount for the 32-inch LG UltraGear gaming monitor. Instead of $450, you’ll only have to pay $350, but since we don’t expect the bargain to last long, it’s highly recommended that you make the purchase right now.

Why you should buy the 32-inch LG UltraGear gaming monitor

Our computer monitor buying guide recommends a size of 24 inches to 30 inches for most users. The 32-inch LG UltraGear gaming monitor is a bit larger than that range, which is perfectly fine as the extra size. Combine that with its 16:9 aspect ratio and QHD resolution and you’ll truly appreciate the graphics of the best PC games. With nearly no bezel surrounding the display, you’ll enjoy a more immersive gaming experience as you explore new worlds and engage in battle with your friends.

The refresh rate, which is how often the images on the screen are updated, is one of the things to consider when purchasing a monitor. We’ve identified 120Hz to 144Hz as a great range to target, but the LG UltraGear gaming monitor exceeds that with a 165Hz refresh rate. This combines with its support for Nvidia’s G-Sync for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, no matter the genre you’re playing. The monitor also offers a 1ms response time, which indicates how fast it shows image transitions — similar to the best monitors in the market.

The 32-inch LG UltraGear gaming monitor may be the missing piece of your PC gaming setup, so don’t miss this opportunity to get it for just $350 from Best Buy. The $100 discount on its sticker price of $450 isn’t going to remain online forever — in fact, it may be gone as soon as tomorrow — so you’ll have to hurry if you want to take advantage of it. Proceed with your purchase of the 32-inch LG UltraGear gaming monitor immediately so that you can have it delivered to your doorstep for cheaper than usual.

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