Samsung's 2023 Odyssey Neo G7 sitting on a table.

High-end gaming hardware isn’t cheap, and that’s no more evident than with gaming monitors, but if you want the best, then the Odyssey Neo G7 is pretty close. Supporting a 4K resolution, the Odyssey Neo G7 usually goes for $1,000, which costs as much as most high-end gaming GPUs, but luckily Samsung has a great deal on it right now, bringing it down to $700. It’s still pricey, but 4K gaming monitors are still relatively rare, so we aren’t too surprised.

Why you should buy the 43-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K Monitor

While the 4K resolution is impressive, what’s more, impressive is the 144Hz refresh rate it can hit, which will likely need you to run something like the RTX 4090 for high graphical settings, resolution, and framerate. Of course, you don’t always have to run it at its maximum, and you can take advantage of some good mid-to-high-range gaming PC deals without breaking the bank. Along with the high refresh rate and resolution, you also get a snappy 1ms response time, which is important if you play a lot of action-packed games such as Apex Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, and even some sports games like Formula 1. If that’s not enough, you also get AMD FreeSync Pro, which helps a lot with screen tearing, which you’ll likely run into at higher refresh rates, and it even works with Nvidia cards, so don’t feel like you’ll be left out.

What’s interesting about the Odyssey Neo G7 is that it includes Samsung’s Gaming Hub, its own standalone streaming platform that combines other game streaming platforms, such as Xbox Game Pass or Amazon Luna. That means you don’t have to boot up your PC to play a game or even have a PC; as long as you have access to a cloud gaming service and a good internet connection, you can just turn the screen on. Of course, it’s important to note that your mileage may vary, and using the Odyssey Neo G7 with a PC is still recommended. We’d also mention that the monitor comes with VESA Display HDR600, which is pretty good and gives you a much higher peak brightness than usual.

Overall, the Odyssey Neo G7 is an excellent gaming monitor if you want something high-end, and with the deal from Samsung bringing it down to $700, it’s easy to recommend. But, of course, we still encourage you to look at other monitor deals for options.

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