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Virtually everything we do today, from work to communication, is connected to the internet in one way or another. This connectivity offers a lot of convenience, but it’s also rife with dangers — and sometimes, a basic anti-virus software isn’t enough. The good news is that McAfee Total Protection has everything you need to keep yourself and your family safe, both at home and on the go, and offers broad-spectrum defense against malicious software, hackers, identity thieves, snoops, and other digital threats. Here’s what it can do.

The McAfee brand name is almost synonymous with antivirus software and has been a household name in the industry for decades. McAfee Total Protection takes a more complete approach than simple antivirus software, though: It’s a complete, all-in-one protection suite that shields you and your family not just against viruses and other malicious software but also against unwanted surveillance, identity theft, unsafe connections, and more. It’s great for families, and we also named it the best antivirus software for businesses because of the wide range of protection that it offers for multiple users.

Aside from award-winning virus protection, one of the most notable features of McAfee Total Protection is the Secure VPN. This lets you connect safely to Wi-Fi other than through your local wireless network. It’s no secret that public Wi-Fi is one of the riskiest ways to use the internet, but almost all of us have used it at one point or another. The problems stem from the fact that you don’t have control over the public Wi-Fi networks you connect to. That means you can’t be fully aware of what security measures (if any) the network owner has taken, or who else is also using the network — and what they’re doing on it.

This might not be a huge concern for general web browsing, but if you’re logging into your personal accounts, sending emails, or transmitting sensitive information, then you’re likely putting yourself at risk when using any public Wi-Fi network (and just because a network is encrypted and requires a password doesn’t mean it’s safe). McAfee Total Protection Secure VPN solves that by automatically securing your connection with bank-grade encryption and routing it through a secure channel every time you connect to public Wi-Fi or other hotspot. There’s no need for you to activate it, so there’s no chance you’ll forget to use it.

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This allows you to surf the web, stream videos, do some shopping, or bank online, along with any other activities you want to do away from prying eyes, safely and privately. Secure VPN also works on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices both at home and on the go, so your activities, data, and even your location are all hidden from bad actors. Beyond your Windows PCs, McAfee Total Protection provides cross-device protection that extends your peace of mind to your Macs and iOS or Android mobile devices, so you can enjoy security at home and on-the-go-across all of your compatible devices.

Another feature we like about McAfee Total Protection is identity monitoring. As far as online threats go, you’re probably more concerned about someone getting access to your Social Security number, bank credentials, and other such sensitive information than you are about a hacker getting your YouTube password. Identity theft is a multibillion-dollar criminal industry (if you’d call it that), and if your information is compromised, then early detection and quick action are vital in preventing your data from being used illegally. The Identity Protection Service adds an extra layer of protection by monitoring your credit information to detect breaches and illicit access as soon as it happens.

For instance, in the event a data thief tries to open an account using your credentials, the McAfee Identity Protection Service will alert you to the attempt and guide you through what to do next. It also monitors the dark web (where stolen identity information is bought and sold) and detect if your data ends up in the wrong hands. You get a Protection Score as well, which the McAfee Identity Protection Service uses to keep tabs on the strength of your online protection and tighten it up and address weaknesses where necessary. If you want yet another layer of protection, then the upgraded McAfee Total Protection Ultimate plan entitles you to $1 million of identity fraud insurance, and help with the credit restoration process.

There are multiple McAfee Total Protection plans available depending on your needs, so you’re not forced to pay for features or user licenses that you won’t use. New customers can sign up for the Single-Device or Individual plan for an introductory price of $85 per year, which gets you a one-year license for a single user. The Multiple-Device plan offers five licenses for $70 for two-years — a discount of $85 off per year. Finally, the Family Coverage plan gives you 10 licenses for $80 for two-years, saving you $105 per year. Either of these is a fine choice for families or small businesses, but also organizations with big teams. Those who want the extra identity protection features should consider the McAfee Total Protection Ultimate package. This allows for an unlimited number of users for the introductory price of $70 for the first year, a cool $90 discount.

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