The Dell Vostro 7620 business laptop against a white backdrop.

Dell has long been one of the best laptop brands, and today one of the best Dell laptop deals is tailor-made for businesses and working professionals. The Dell Vostro 7620 is just $1,299 at Dell right now, which is a nearly 50% discount from its regular price of $2,499. The savings officially come to $1,200, and free shipping is included with your purchase of the Dell Vostro 7620, making it one of the best laptop deals available.

Why you should buy the Dell Vostro 7620 business laptop

Dell has been one of the most popular laptop brands for a long time. It offers numerous laptop models with different features for users with different needs. With the Vostro 7620 laptop, Dell is making a call out to working professionals, remote workers, and small business owners, as this powerful laptop is made to compete with the best business laptops on the market. As built for this deal, the Vostro 7620 comes with a 14-core Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card with 4GB of its own RAM. All of this amounts to superior performance and a laptop that can push through nearly any workflow. It also comes with a super fast 1TB solid-state drive, which is enough storage to house all of the productivity software you could ever dream of.

The Dell Vostro 7620 is designed for productivity, and like all of the best laptops, it has a super sharp, Full HD screen. A four-sided narrow border ensures there’s less to distract you from the task you’re working on, and a 300-nit panel ensures you get the brightness you need to work in almost any lighting environment. This laptop is layered with security, which includes a fingerprint reader and a wedge-shaped lock slot. It also features WiFi 6, providing even greater network reliability and flexibility, as well as faster download speeds, easier sharing, and smoother streaming. This is also a win for remote workers, as video conferencing is improved, and allows the Vostro 7620 to compete with the best laptops for videoconferencing.

It’s not often you come across such an impressive discount on such a powerful business laptop, but the Dell Vostro 7620 is just $1,299 at Dell today. That’s a savings of $1,200, as the laptop typically costs $2,499. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

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