In the old days, knowing how to make a website was reserved for professional developers and code junkies. A lot of steps have been taken to make it a more consumer-friendly endeavor, with companies like Wix simplifying both the design and development process for everyday people in need of a website. Whether you are a photographer in search of alternatives to Instagram and Facebook or want a website of your own after getting started on blogging sites, a Wix free trial is a great way to go about getting started.

Is there a Wix free trial?

When it comes to its premium plans, there is a Wix free trial, and it’s one of the better free trials you’ll come across. The Wix free trial is good for 14 days, and while it’s more officially a 14-day refund window than an actual free trial, all you have to do is create an account and provide payment information to get going. This gives you 14 days of access to all of Wix’s premium membership features, allowing you to compare it to any of the other best website builders, as well as to the Squarespace free trial.

This isn’t the end of the story with Wix, however, as it’s also one of the rare companies that offer an entirely free membership tier. This, in many ways, eliminates the need for any free trial whatsoever, particularly if your needs fall within the scope of Wix’s free membership offerings. This will allow you to dive into the creation of your new website for as long as you like without even needing to provide payment information. If you hit a point in your website creation where you need more features than Wix offers on its free plan, you can then bump yourself up to a premium plan and utilize the 14-day trial period then.

Can you get Wix for free?

Yes. Wix is available for free, and all you have to do is create an account. From there you’ll have access to Wix’s full offerings of free features. This puts it in competition with some of the best website builders for small businesses, as it allows you to explore things like Wix’s eCommerce and SEO solutions, and it also gets you access to customizable templates that make it easy for people who are designers to create a beautiful website.

Are there any Wix deals?

If you find yourself ready to move beyond Wix’s free features, its premium plans have a whole new level of capabilities. However, the unfortunate thing about Wix offering a great free tier is that it doesn’t often discount its premium offerings. Website plans start at $16 per month and go up to $45 per month, with things like storage space, video hours, and branding options increasing with each tier.

Wix also offers business and eCommerce plans. These begin at $27 per month and max out at $59 per month. Like the website plan tiers, these tiers also provide more storage space and video hours as you move up the tiers, and more features such as customized reports and automated sales tax transactions are included with the higher tiers. Enterprise plans are also available, and are customizable for your needs, making them perhaps the best way to go about catching a discount on a Wix premium plan.

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