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Laptop deals frequently feature smaller laptops than some of us would like to see. Fortunately, HP has bucked that trend with a great offer on a HP 17-inch laptop. Normally priced at $500, you can buy it for just $330. That’s a considerable saving of $170 for a laptop that may not be the fastest or the highest of specs, but offers a sizeable screen for anyone who needs to be able to see things more clearly. It’s a good option for anyone looking for something for casual use or watching streaming shows. As with many deals, we don’t know how long it’ll stick around for so here’s a quick look at what it offers.

Why you should buy the HP 17t-cn300 Laptop

You’ll be working on your projects and watching streaming content with bright colors and sharp details on the HP 17t-cn300 Laptop’s 17.3-inch display with HD+ resolution, while flicker-free technology will reduce eye strain and fatigue when you have to look at the screen for several hours. The laptop also features a lift hinge that raises it to a more natural typing angle when the screen is open, so that you’ll have a more comfortable experience when you type long documents.

The performance of the HP 17t-cn300 Laptop won’t challenge the speed of the best laptops, but with its Intel N200 processor and 8GB of RAM — which our guide on how much RAM do you need says is a good starting point — it’s the laptop equivalent of a daily driver. It’s ready to roll as soon as you unbox it as Windows 11 Home is pre-loaded in its 256GB SSD, while HP’s Fast Charge feature will restore up to 50% of the HP 17t-cn300 Laptop’s battery after just 45 minutes of being plugged in to make sure that it’s rarely out of commission.

Buying a 17-inch laptop won’t set you back by as much as you thought if you take advantage of HP’s offer for the HP 17t-cn300 Laptop. The device is yours for just $330, for $170 in savings from its original price of $500. The HP 17t-cn300 Laptop is a steal at this cost, but you’ll have to be quick with adding it to your cart and checking out because the discount may end at any moment.

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