After buying a Mac or MacBook from Apple deals, you’ll want to maximize your new purchase by pairing it with official Apple accessories. If you’ve got cash left to spare, you may want to take advantage of Amazon’s offers for Apple’s Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad. It’s rare to see discounts for these devices, so act fast if you don’t want to miss out — we’re not sure how much time you’ve got left.

Apple Magic Mouse — $64, was $79

Apple Magic Mouse 2 portrait.

The Apple Magic Mouse, as you’d expect, is one of the best mice for Mac. It features a multi-touch surface that will let you swipe and scroll as if it were a trackpad, allowing it to work with MacOS‘ native gestures, but it’s also compatible with an iPad. The Apple Magic Mouse comes with superb build quality with aluminum for its bottom shell and glass for its top surface, and it’s very quick to pair with your Apple device through Bluetooth. It’s powered by an internal battery that can last for about a month before it needs recharging, which you can do so through its included USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple Magic Keyboard — $80, was $99

The wireless Apple Magic Keyboard on a white background.

The Apple Magic Keyboard works not just with a Mac or MacBook, as you can also use it with your iPhone or iPad for typing long documents or social media posts. It connects through Bluetooth, and like the Apple Magic Mouse, it’s powered by an internal battery that lasts for about a month or more in between charges. The typing experience with the Apple Magic Keyboard is comfortable and precise, which will help boost your productivity.

Apple Magic Trackpad — $104, was $129

Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

The Apple Magic Trackpad has an edge-to-edge glass surface that makes scrolling and swiping very efficient and comfortable. Additionally, the sensors underneath the surface are capable of detecting even the smallest differences in the pressure you apply, which gives another dimension in your input. Like the other accessories, the Apple Magic Trackpad connects via Bluetooth, and inside it is a long-lasting battery that can last for more than a month before a recharge is necessary. It works with a Mac or iPad, and it pairs automatically with these devices so that you can start using it almost immediately.

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