Retailers usually focus on providing monitor deals for stationary screens but that hasn’t stopped Lenovo from offering up a portable monitor at a great price. The Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor is currently available for $177 saving you $53 off the estimated value price of $230. If you travel frequently and rely on portable devices like your laptop or phone, an extra screen can be a huge help. Either hit the buy button below or read on while we take you through what you need to know.

Why you should buy the Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor

Referred to as “ideal for working remotely’ in a customer review, the Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor is well-regarded by customers. With an average star rating of 4.6 out of 5 across over 150 reviews, it’s described as lightweight and offers a fantastic display for the price. The monitor weighs just 860g so it’s easy for you to store in your bag alongside your other portable work tools. It virtually doubles the viewing space of any of your portable devices thanks to being 15.6-inch with the resolution being full HD so you get a flexible 1920 x 1080 screen. It also has view viewing angles of up to 178 degrees with 3-side narrow bezels to keep things distraction-free.

Like the other best portable monitors, the Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor connects via a USB-C cable so you get simultaneous power passthrough to two devices with video out, all via one cable. It’s useful for cutting down on bulk and general convenience. Appreciating you may have limited room, you can also choose between landscape or portrait mode depending on how you need things configured. An adjustable foot can match the height of your laptop while it also folds away for easy storage.

This monitor is ideal if you’ve been longing for one of the best monitors but appreciate you need portability at all times.

With an estimated value of $230, the Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor is currently down to $177 when you buy direct from Lenovo. It’s a portable monitor that’s well-suited for anyone who needs to be constantly on the move but that doesn’t want to miss out on having a second screen while they conduct their work. Snap it up now if you’ve been waiting for this kind of product to go on sale.

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