Insta360 has a new camera on the horizon, the latest in what has been something of a hot streak this year for the company. The new teaser image it just released depicts a landscape with swirling star trails in the sky overhead, and features the phrase “inspired imaging,” possibly hinting at a connection to astrophotography.

The teaser video, titled “Our Next Camera,” also heavily features astrophotography and other lowlight imagery, which backs up that initial impression. Swirling stars, floating lanterns, a concert/party, nighttime amusement park rides, the aurora borealis, and dimly lit hallways are all displayed in passing. I’m always looking to up my lowlight photo and video game, and gear that helps me capture astrophotography footage is definitely appealing.

We also see in the video a modular device that appears to be the Insta360 One RS system being disassembled and reassembled with a mysterious new module. If this is the case, it would add yet more value to One RS system owners.

I’ve tested and reviewed Insta360’s last few cameras, including the One RS and the Sphere (an aerial 360 camera designed to be attached to a drone), and both have become key parts of my video content creation tool kit. These cameras have greatly expanded Insta360’s product line, which is now quite diverse. Judging by the tantalizing new imagery revealed today, that product lineup is about to become even more enticing.

It’s hard to guess exactly what Insta360’s cooking up based on these photos, but fortunately, we only have to wait till 9 a.m. ET on June 28 to find out.

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