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Gamers who are thinking about upgrading their gaming PC should turn their attention towards this year’s HP Presidents Day sale, as you can get the HP Omen 45L gaming desktop for a discounted price of $1,980 instead of its sticker price of $2,700. It’s still not cheap, but you won’t often get the chance to save $720 when buying such a powerful machine. If you’ve got the cash, this is one of the best gaming investments that you can make right now.

Why you should buy the HP Omen 45L gaming PC

Our roundup of the best gaming PCs includes computers from popular brands like Dell and Lenovo, but sitting at the top is none other than the HP Omen 45L. It makes the most out of its 45-liter capacity by packing the 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, in addition to 16GB of RAM that’s flagged by our guide on how to buy a gaming desktop as a good baseline for modern systems. Also inside the machine is HP’s Cryo Chamber, which keeps and temperatures and noise low while separating the all-in-one liquid cooler with the rest of the components.

Once it’s time to swap the parts of the HP Omen 45L for better ones, its tool-less design will make it easy to do the upgrades yourself. The gaming PC is also a scene stealer in terms of its looks, with its tempered glass panels, full-metal frame, and RGB lights allowing you to play your favorite video games in style. You’ll be able to control the lights through the Omen Gaming Hub, which also provides deeper access to the computer’s hardware such as intelligent overclocking, performance control, and individual fan control.

If you’re on the hunt for gaming PC deals, there’s arguably no better option today than HP’s offer for the HP Omen 45L. A $720 discount for Presidents Day lowers the gaming desktop’s price to $1,980 from $2,700, and it’s considered a steal for that price. You won’t regret going for the HP Omen 45L gaming PC, especially since you can use the savings on monitor deals, extra accessories, and more video games.

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