A Lenovo ThinkPad P16 with a graphics program being displayed on it.

Ever consider getting a laptop with specs that rival the best desktop PCs? How about doing so while it was on a massive sale? If your answer to either of those questions is an unequivocal “Yes” then now is the time to put those considerations into action. The Lenovo ThinkPad P16 Intel Mobile Workstation is approximately $4,500 (yes, that’s four-digits) off right now as part of a very special deal straight from the manufacturer. That puts the final price for the intensely powerful machine at $5,489. Click the button below to check it out yourself and read on for our analysis.

Note that savings estimates given in this deal are based upon Lenovo’s estimated value of the given product. This price is determined by Lenovo’s research into secondary market prices as well as what they can sell the product. Global trends like the ever-evolving “chip war” and inflation are also taken into account, so it’s possible that the recommended retail price may not be entirely accurate, although we think it’s still an offer worth highlighting as you’re getting a 128GB of RAM powerhouse for $4,500 — and top-spec models from the likes of Dell and Apple don’t offer that at the price point.

Why you should buy the ThinkPad P16

If there is anything to know about the ThinkPad P16, it is how high the raw stats are for a laptop. For example, in our laptop buying guide, we listed 16GB or more RAM as being good for intensive application. The ThinkPad P16? Oh, it has 128. Plus it has 4TB of SSD storage, a beautiful 3840 x 2400 resolution touchscreen, and runs on a top-of-the-line 12th Gen i9 processor. Absolutely wild stats for a laptop and something you should check out yourself. It’s no wonder that ThinkPad laptops are considered amongst the best business laptops.

The ThinkPad P16 also follows in the footsteps of the best ThinkPad laptops by coming in a tough, unique form factor. It’s a military grade machine, tested to MIL-STD 810G standards (think, military-style lab tests simulating environmental stressors). Far from being the expensive, delicate toy your parents warned you about, Lenovo assures us that the ThinkPad P16 can endure everything from “dust storms to day-to-day bumps, drops, and spills.” Responsible enough to avoid needing that? It also comes with Lenovo’s ThinkShield solutions, including data encryption features, fingerprint logins, and more.

Want the power? Need the power? Click the button below to get your ThinkPad P16 at $4,500 off the estimated $9,989 market price, putting the machine at $5489. Too powerful? Or, still too expensive? No worries, we’ve got other great laptop deals to serve to you.

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