Apple's 24-inch M1 iMac is an all-in-one solution.

While a laptop is always great for remote or portable work, because you can take them virtually everywhere, productivity can suffer in a few ways. There’s always so much more you can accomplish on a desktop, and generally with greater speed. Even while perusing the best desktop computer deals, you’ll notice that desktops tend to be more expensive, but not only that, you need more usable space, such as a desk or workstation. That is, unless, of course, you spring for an AIO or all-in-one desktop, as you’ll find in some of the best Apple iMac deals. An AIO includes everything in a small frame, or in the case of the iMac, all tucked within the display. Now is your chance to get an excellent deal on an iMac over at Woot!, which has discounted several models from 2013 up until the newer 2021 versions. Even the best Apple Deals out there have nothing on these discounts. You can save as much as $200 or more.

Why You Should Buy an Apple iMac from Woot!

The most important thing to know about AIO or all-in-one computers is they include everything you need tucked inside a small or thin chassis, like a monitor or small form factor case. These are not your average desktop computers, which come in the form of bulky towers. And Apple has designed the iMac so that all of its powerful hardware fits neatly inside a beautiful Retina display. One of the newest models on sale, the , for example, features a 4.5K resolution Retina display and packed inside is the Apple M1 8-core chip, 8GB of embedded DRAM, and your choice of storage — starting at 256GB up to 1TB. The system even comes with a wired USB keyboard and mouse. Depending on the capacity you choose, all of that is just $980 to $1,100, refurbished, compared to nearly $1,300 full price, saving you about $200.

Some of the cheapest options include the , for $290 refurbished, which is an incredible deal even as an older system. Inside this AIO is an Intel Core i5, quad-core processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 1TB SATA hard drive. The is just $300 refurbished, meanwhile the is just $360.

If you’re interested, you want to head over to Woot! as soon as possible and browse what’s on sale for yourself, because now is the time to get a fantastic deal on a refurbished iMac. Don’t let the term “refurbished” put you off. They’re backed by Woot!’s 30-day guarantee so you don’t have to worry about getting an unusable system. Apple’s iMac regularly gets rave reviews for what it offers, and even the best iMac alternatives can’t hold a candle to the premium option.

When all is said and done, refurbished or not, these are fantastic discounts, and everything is tucked neatly inside a beautiful Retina display, which is ideal for graphic designers, creatives, and budding professionals everywhere. You don’t have to pay full price, but you’re still getting a highly-functional system that won’t take up too much space on your desk, or in your office. Plus, they come with a keyboard and mouse, so you can plug them in and get started right away. At the very least, go take a look and see what’s available.

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