Soon after the pandemic turned the world upside down, many people began using videoconferencing software like Zoom for work and socializing.

It felt like a lot of fun at first, but for many folks nearing their gazillionth Zoom call, the novelty has long since worn off.

If that’s you, then this ingenious piece of software will no doubt appeal. Zoom Escaper does what it says on the tin — provides you with the perfect excuse to drop out of a Zoom call.

Designed by artist and educator Sam Lavigne, Zoom Escaper features a handy soundboard that enables you to self-sabotage your audio stream, “making your presence unbearable to others,” as New York City-based Lavigne puts it.

As you can see from the screen grab, the sound effects include echo, upset baby, construction, and barking dogs.

There’s even a recording of a man weeping, though that’s likely to prompt further questions from your fellow call participants curious to know what on earth is going on, thereby prolonging your involvement in the online meeting (exactly what you don’t want to happen).

The “urination” effect may lead to a similar degree of discombobulation among call participants, as well as a curious conversation about you following your departure from the web-based gathering.

For the quickest ejection from a Zoom call, simply turn on all of the sound effects at once to create a deafening racket. Just keep in mind that your colleagues may give you some strange looks when you finally return to the workplace.

To use Zoom Escaper, you first need some free software called VB-Audio. Lavigne explains exactly how to set it up in the YouTube video below.

While some people have simply become tired of staring at their webcams day in day out during meetings that may or may not produce results, others have simply never felt comfortable during such gatherings, with body language harder to read and general interaction more of a challenge than in face-to-face encounters.

In that case, Zoom Escaper could be just the ticket. Or you could, perhaps, simply show up as a cat and spend the whole time telling everyone you’re not a cat until the host sends you on your way.

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